PANORAMIC is a language BASIC under Windows for manipulating Windows Objects (Button, Edit, Combo, Picture, Scene3D, Movie, Track_bar, Scroll_bar …) of sprites (in SCENE2D object) and objects 3D (in ‘SCENE3D object) of text files , the binary files , sound, MIDI … etc …


PANORAMIC is completely free and the publisher has a bilingual (English – French) integrated documentation. It does not need any DLLs or external software libraries to run, it’s portable software that can be carried anywhere on a USB stick and works on most configurations. It runs on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

It uses the classic BASIC instructions.

The aim of the author is to develop a language for the user, a language that can be used in the simplest way possible.

The manipulation of objects is simple: to create an object, simply type its type followed by a number. This number is then used for any action on this object, it is the identifier of the object.


Creating a button

  • To create a button: button 1
  • To give it a width of 100 pixels :width 1,100
  • To display text: caption 1,"Bonjour¬†!"

3D Management

– To create a 3D world: scene3d 1

– To put a teapot: 3d_teapot 1(because the 3D objects have their own numbering)

– To rotate it by 30 degrees on its Z axis: 3d_z_rotate 1,30


It manages events: on_click, on_change, on-timer, on_key_up, on_key_down, on_close.

It currently has (in 2011) about 500 keywords, and is constantly and steadily evolving. A new release comes out about every 2 months.

It can also run Excel , draw, manage files, mouse, use 3D objects in 3DS or MD2 format, create musical melodies in MIDI …

It can create executables and applications (an application is an executable that contains all the files necessary to its execution, like text files, images, sounds, …). The software created with PANORAMIC is portable (need no DLL or external library)

This language is present in 2 software:

– an integrated development environment to create its application with a user interface: with the mouse, place objects on a sheet and resize them. Then you type the code corresponding to the events on these objects.

– an EDITOR to create its application from scratch.

There is a very active French forum (over 11,000 messages ) and an English forum.


The latest official version (0.9.26) is dated June 30, 2015.

The versions prior to 0.9.13 were deliberately limited in the number of objects they could manage, but as of version 0.9.13 (of August 15, 2009) there is no longer any limit.

Instant versions are periodically available to allow immediate improvements and bug fixes without having to wait for the release of the official version.

It should be noted that the author of this language strives to respond to user requests by developing functionalities that are requested on the forum.

External References

  • / Panoramic programming language site (French and English version) ¬†[ archive ]