Powerbuilder is a programming language and an integrated development environment originally developed by PowerSoft, which was acquired by Sybase in 1994. SAP then acquired Sybase in 2010.

It is a semi-compiled language, object-oriented , generating C ++ used primarily for business applications. It is available on Windows . Although it is often referred to as an object-oriented language, its structure is very suitable for communication between window and database. It does not pose any problems in object-oriented development, neither in the passage of parameters nor on other parts, on the contrary c ‘Is a purely object-oriented and interfaceable language with powerdesigner which is an object-oriented modeling tool also from the same SAP editor.

The central principle of PowerBuilder is the standardization of the dialogue with databases using datawindows and the ability to use the language SQL directly in the PowerScript language.


A datawindow is a software component that presents data from an SQL database in a window . This component automatically manages the display, creation, modification and deletion of data in the table concerned. Its various forms of presentation allow it to be used in list, free form, related, etc.

Get help

There are several ways to get help. NNTP forums (English only) or web. Two French forums coexist.

Unit Tests

It is possible to perform unit tests on PowerBuilder projects using PBUnit.


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It is possible to automate the compilation of a PowerBuilder application without using the graphical environment via “OrcaScript”.

“OrcaScript” is a scripting language that interacts with the PowerBuilder compiler, and the sources of an application. In addition, it can also interface with any version control system compatible with PowerBuilder, for example, to retrieve the latest version of the application before compiling it.


PowerBuilder is known for its loyal customer base, and its easy development 1 .

Therefore, there are a variety of community groups and resources for PowerBuilder developers who want to share their techniques and come together. These include:

– International Sybase User Group 2

– PowerBuilder Developer’s Journal 3 .

There are also blogs from TeamSybase 4 and their evangelists 5 .

PowerBuilderTV 6 is a series of webinars by and for the PowerBuilder community, with sessions presented by PowerBuilder Evangelists, Developers and Publishers.