Rebol is a high-level script programming language designed and imagined by Carl Sassenrath based on denotational semantics and proclaiming itself as “Messaging Language.” It can be linked to the Logo language ( especially known for its turtle) with which it shares many common points.


There are several versions of the interpreter Rebol some of them free:

  • Rebol Core (free): text-based interpreter (without GUI)
  • Rebol View (free): provides support for the graphical interface thanks, among other things, to its VID dialect.
  • Rebol View / Pro (commercial): Rebol View + Encryption ( AES , RSA , …) + access to dynamic libraries ( DLL )
  • Rebol Command (commercial): Rebol View / Pro + Database access ( ODBC , Oracle , MySQL ) + Fast CGI + SSL ( Secure Socket Layer )

The language is available on several platforms, including Windows , Linux , Mac OS X and Open BSD 1 .


Rebol is characterized by its high level of abstraction. Thus an IP address (example: is considered as a base type in rebol and has manipulation functions of its own.

It is a language that proposes a particularly simple object- oriented implementation. Indeed, there is no notion of class , each object being instantiable from another. The notions of instantiation and inheritance are less distinct than in most other object-oriented languages.

It also proposes a mechanism (Parse instruction) that allows to define simply a dialect, a customized language with the syntax chosen so as to solve a computer problem more easily than with the general syntax of the language.

It now has a plugin that allows the execution of rebol applets from a web browser (in September 2004, available only for Windows and Internet Explorer , but a possibility exists to use it also with Firefox ).


 Title: "Cuckoo"
 File:% coucou.r
 Date: 12-January-2002
 Purpose: "Show words in a window"
 Category: [view VID 1]
; Note: Various variables in the above script header are all optional
; Display in console
Print "Cuckoo everyone!"
; Display in a window
View layout [
 Text "Cuckoo everyone!"
 Button "Quit" [quit]


REBOL 3 was launched in 2004 and had to open Rebol to the outside world, including the integration of an open layer facilitating integration with the outside world via the Host-Kit 2 module . But only in front of the project, Carl Sassenrath wishing to have complete control over his work, did not succeed. It was finally in the summer of 2012, on his blog  [ archive ] , that he launched a first glimmer of hope to the whole community waiting for serious news for more than 2 years 3 .

Finally, after much waiting, on December 12, 2012 Carl Sassenrath announced on his blog  [ archive ] the availability of the third opus of the programming language REBOL in Open Source The sources are available on github  [ archive ] under license Apache .


  • Rebol Programming , Eyrolles, 2001, Olivier Auverlot ( ISBN  2-212-11017-0 )
  • Rebol: Programmer’s Guide ,, 2007, Olivier Auverlot
  • Rebol: A programmer’s guide ,, 2008, Peter WA Wood & Olivier Auverlot

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