Sather is an object-oriented programming language . He was born around 1990 at the International Computer Science Institute at the University of Berkeley , developed by an international team led by Steve Omohundro . It supports garbage collection and genericity by subtyping .

It is probably best seen as an object-oriented language, with many ideas borrowed from the Eiffel language . Even the name is inspired by Eiffel, the Sather Tower is located in Berkeley. Sather is also inspired other programming languages and paradigms: iterators , contract programming , abstract classes , multiple inheritance , anonymous functions , operator overloading , contrevariance . Some of these features are normally only present in functional programming languages .

The original implementation of Berkeley is now maintained by many, not all of Berkeley, and has been adopted by the Free Software Foundation . There are at least two other implementations: Sather-K from the University of Karlsruhe , and Sather-W from theUniversity of Waikato .

Sather is implemented by a compiler to the C language , that is, the compiler does not output object code or machine code , but C source files as intermediate language .

Hello World

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 # OUT + "Hello World \ n";