Squirrel (programming language)

Squirrel is a programming language high level imperative and object-oriented , designed to be a scripting language light that is compatible in size, memory usage, and real-time requirement of applications such as video games. MirthKit, a toolbox for making and distributing 2D open source, multiplatform games, uses Squirrel 1 . It is used intensively by Code :: Blocks for the scripts as well as in almost all the source code of the game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As a King published by Square Enix 2,

Language Features

  • Dynamic typing
  • Delegation
  • Classes , Heritage
  • Higher order function
  • Power Supplies
  • Coroutines ( Coroutine )
  • Terminal Recursion
  • Exception Management System
  • Automatic memory management (mainly by references with garbage collector )
  • Weak references
  • The compiler and virtual machine aggregate 6000 lines of C ++
  • Optional management of 16-bit character strings

Notes and references

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