STOS BASIC is a BASIC dialect invented in 1988 by François Lionet and Constentin Sotiropolos. In specialized origin for the Atari ST was the first language dedicated especially to the design of games like arcade .

It allowed to control the movement of 16 animated sprites and contained many special instructions dedicated to the game, allowing among other things to manage the joysticks, the sounds, the graphics, the music, all simultaneously ( multitasking ).


In 1990, STOS Basic was declared for the Amiga under the name of AMOS (bringing among the notable improvements the structured BASIC).

Technical specifications

  • 340 multipurpose instructions
  • 16 sprites maxi 64 × 64 pixels (but the stos accepted up to 16 sprites in 128×128 in reality but it needed a publisher of sprite made “house”)
  • Collision detection through “hot spots”
  • Scrolling screen multi-windows graphics
  • Graphic multi-window
  • Support for Neochrome and Degas Elite.
  • Monochrome icon management
  • Memory space management
  • Memory management display screens (for synchronization of graphics etc …)
  • Ability to compile program with STOS compiler
  • Instruction extension (in English) created by the fans