TRAC (programming language)

TRAC ( Text Reckoning And Compiling ) is a programming language designed in the early 1960s by Calvin Mooers .

L. Peter Deutsch implements TRAC machinery PDP-1 in 1964 after being recruited by Mooers within the company BBN Technologies to assist in its development 1 .

Other Implementations

  • MINT ( M INT I s N ot T RAC) is a string interpreter for Freemacs based on TRAC.



  • TRAC, A Text-Handling Language ” (Calvin Mooers and L. Peter Deutsch, 1965) 2 .

Notes and references

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  2. ↑ ( in ) Presentation in August 1965  [ archive ] in Cleveland in the state of Ohio in the United States during the 20 th national conference of the ACM .