Visual DialogScript

Visual DialogScript , often abbreviated VDSis asimplifiedscriptorbatchprogramming language.


It allows you to program quickly a basic utility that can automate certain tasks fast or do not require the intervention of a more complex programming language.

How it works

A compiled executable of about 10-15 kb represents the written program. Once the program is launched, the language is interpreted by a dll equivalent to the version of the software, for example VDSRUN30.dll for Visual DialogScript 3 , or VDSRUN40.DLL for Visual DialogScript 4


  • Since version 2 of VDS is 16-bit, programmers with the advent of 32-bit passed version 3.0 in 32-bit total. Among the changes of the versions of 2.0 to 4.0, we note mainly the addition of new functions of type @la_function () and new programmable commands.

Since version 5, Visual DialogScript is able to:

  • Handle and implement the API of Microsoft Windows system. This opens up a number of possibilities that were previously untapped by this language.
  • The creation of DSU modules allowing the redistribution and reuse of these modules in third-party programming codes.
  • The possibility of using the INCLUDE and DEFINE functions close to the C ++ type languages, but in a simplified way.
  • The inclusion of RESOURCE allowing the injection of resources into the executable file.

Code Listing “Hello World”

Title Hello
Info Hello World!