Visual FoxPro

FoxPro and Visual FoxPro (VFP) are tools that were commercialized by Fox Software and then Microsoft from 1989 1 to its discontinuation in 2007 . Visual FoxPro includes a programming language , a relational database engine, and an integrated development environment (IDE). It is used to manage data, to organize tables of information by queries, by creating an integrated management of database of type relational (DBMS). The latest version makes it possible to build complete solutions, Acquisitions to complex report outputs in a client / server, desktop or web environment. In March 2007, Microsoft announced the abandonment of this software 2 , which will however be supported until January 2015 for the latest version 3 .


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This software was first developed by Dave Fulton and Bill Ferguson as a clone of dBase version 2 and was published in 1984 under the name of FoxBASE ; FoxBASE + is released in 1986 and is a dBase 3 4 clone . Development continues under the FoxPro name at Fox Software, and version 1 was released for MS-DOS in 1989. In 1992, Microsoft bought FoxPro; Shortly thereafter appears the first version of FoxPro for Microsoft Windows 1 .

In 1995, the software underwent a major evolution: it is renamed Visual FoxPro and becomes object oriented , while FoxPro was a procedural language . The latest version of Visual FoxPro is released in 2005 1 and the abandonment of development officially announced in 2007 2 .

Pre-Requisite material

Visual Foxpro runs on PC with a Pentium processor, Memory 64 MB of RAM minimum; ( 128 MB or more recommended), 165 MB of disk space for typical installation; 20 MB of disk space for the prerequisites of the latest version. Visual FoxPro is installed on different operating systems including Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or later , Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 .

Visual FoxPro 9.0

VFP has excellent backward compatibility: code written with earlier versions can still work and, with minimal work, be maintained and improved. [Ref. necessary]

Improvements in Visual FoxPro 9.0

VFP becomes a rapid (and sustainable ) application development tool ( RAD ) enabling developers to design sophisticated applications with minimal effort.

  • Exchange data with SQL servers via an SQL language with enhanced capabilities and support for new data types.
  • Improved user interface for docking forms and controls and better image support.
  • Customizing the display of the properties window according to your own choices, personal editor, character fonts and color adjustment
  • Build and deploy local or remote applications for Windows Tablet PCs.
  • Creating and accessing COM components and XML Web-enabled services through the use of .NET technology.
  • The new Varchar, Varbinary, and Blob data types enhance interaction with SQL-type servers.
  • SQL extensions and extensions – more possibilities with SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE functions.
  • CAST () – new function to convert between different types of data.
  • New Binary Index – support for the new index type to improve performance when using TAG DELETED.
  • XML Adapter – enhanced support for XML and XSD nested hierarchical loops

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