WinDev is a software engineering workshop (AGL) published by the French company PC SOFT and designed to develop applications, mainly data oriented for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000, .Net and Java. He proposes his own language: WLanguage . The first version of the AGL was released in 1993. Related to WebDev and WinDev Mobile .


WinDev includes as standard a set of editors that make up the Software Engineering Workshop: Analysis Editor (Data Description), Window Editor, SQL Query Editor, Report Editor, Automated Test Editor, Image editor, UML editor, telemetry editor, surveillance robot, application audit … The window editor offers many advanced fields: input fields with control, tables, crosstabs Dynamic, planning, graphics, dashboards,

WinDev operates in a different way from other languages: windows and reports are created using a visual editor. The various fields are created in the editor, and their parameters are defined using visual parameter wizards called “7 tabs”. Each field has an average of about 100 parameters. This editor does not generate code but creates a WinDev object (window or report).

This object will then be used by the application. These objects directly perform a large number of processes: mask, input tests, link to databases, management of different languages, visual effects, help messages, etc.

WinDev uses its own programming language , the WLanguage , much like the pseudo-code 1 by its natural language side that facilitates the reading of the code.

The publisher of graphic interface for creating GUI with drag and drop. It also allows to choose a model of graphic charter from a proposed set and to create new ones.

Starting with version 19, the fields can be created by pure programming. This creative mode is not the default mode in WinDev, but rather provides troubleshooting. WinDev developers usually clone fields (visible or invisible) when they want to add fields programmatically in an existing interface. Reusing and specializing fields is possible thanks to the window and field models. A model allows to overload the standard properties of the field, to declare variables (which play a role equivalent to the members of a class) and to redefine procedures (which play a role equivalent to the methods of a class).

Although originally planned for Windows, WinDev also supports GNU / Linux for applications with and without graphical interface, but also Mac OS X . However, the development environment only supports Windows 2 . WinDev can also rely on the Java framework for some of its functionalities, which allows a relative independence of the executable file compared to the target operating system.

His brothers WebDev and WinDev Mobile allow you to use the same programming language ( WLanguage ), and the same concepts (analysis window, states, components, classes …), for the generation of websites and applications for PocketPC , terminals Industrial (Windows CE), smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android and Windows Mobile 10).

WinDev uses proprietary file formats in binary form. This involves the exclusive use of the in-house source manager (GDS) delivered as standard as well as the search engine of the IDE. The code can not be edited using standard software such as Notepad and can not be put into version control in a standard system such as Subversion , Git or Mercurial . The WinDev developer is totally linked to the development environment sold by the publisher. The WinDev developer thus has a fully integrated set of tools, benefiting from a free technical support provided by PC SOFT on the current version.

The programming is done directly in the objects, by entering the code directly into the proposed events: field entry, field modification, field output, field overflow … Object oriented programming is possible 3 , with specificities To languages ​​such as C ++ or Java (no management of templates but management of multiple inheritance 4 for example). Attention to the particular use of the vocabulary: while traditionally a virtual function is a function intended to be redefined in classes inheriting a base class, in WinDev we call “redefined” functions.


WinDev allows you to read and modify information from Excel , Outlook , Lotus Notes , the SAP R / 3 ERP (using BAPI technology ), and version 14 from SalesForce and various Google applications: Maps, Calendar , ActiveX , DLL calls, Windows APIs, OLE, RS 232 and USB, TAPI, SOAP, SNMP, OPC, Flash, Twain, FTP, Socket, TSE, Citrix and more. Home automation functions are present (standards X10 and DLNA 5 ).

For the manipulation of a project, as already mentioned above, the different files of a project can only be opened with WinDev (or WebDev or WinDev mobile) because they are binary files and not text files.

WinDev allows you to interface with code 6 C ++, C #, Cobol, Fortran, Pascal.

Support for databases

WinDev manages many database management systems , whether through ODBC or OLE DB protocols or through native access. There is free native access for MySQL , PostgreSQL (since version 14) and SQLite (since version 16). Other paid modules allow native access to Oracle , SQL Server , Sybase , AS / 400 , DB2 , Informix and Progress 4GL .

Version 21 of WinDev also supports non-relational databases: hadoop hdfs 7 , Hbase 8 , hive 9 .

There are also native free and free accesses like MySQL4WD and PostgreSQL4WD from Rodolphe Jouannet that provide native access to MySQL and PostgreSQL . Frederic Emprin’s free and free SQLManagerX module allows you to write a single, unified code to manage the various database management systems. By adding other modules SQLManagerX offers native access to a large number of databases 10 . Please note that the last update was made in 2010.

WinDev also has its own database management system called HFSQL (formerly HyperFile and then HyperFileSQL ). It exists in local version, client / server, embedded and firm of server, under Windows , Linux , Android and iOS . The versions are binary compatible. The distribution of the database engine is free for projects carried out in WinDev, regardless of the size of the databases, and the number of engines broadcast.


WinDev is particularly known for its marketing presenting women in “sexy” outfits, for example coding in swimwear.

WinDev is also known to distribute large quantities of magazines containing dozens of customer testimonials 11 . Although PC SOFT indicates replanting as many trees as those used for magazine printing, the use of paper is sometimes decried.

WinDev was the first development software to be the subject of a prime-time television advertising campaign on a major channel ( TF1 , M6 and C8 ).

Version history 12

Version Release date Comments / Important Notices
1.0 1993 Creating the WinDev Software
1.5 January 1994
2.0 End of 1994
2.1 April 1995
4.0 April 1996
4.1 September 1996
5.0 Early 1998
5.5 End of 1998
7.0 End of 2001
7.5 End of 2002
8 End of 2003
9 End of 2004
10 December 2005
11 December 2006
12 December 2007 Some new features.
14 December 2008
15 December 2009 Some new features.
16 December 2010 With “996 novelties”.
17 December 2011 With “917 novelties”.
18 December 2012 With “918 novelties”.
19 December 2013 With “919 novelties”.
20 December 2014 With “920 novelties”.
21 December 2015 With “921 novelties”.
22 December 2016 With “922 novelties”

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