YaBasic , meaning Yet Another Basic is an interpreter language BASIC for platforms Unix , Windows and PlayStation 2 . Similar to Commodore BASIC Commodore 64 , it supports color graphics mode and has printing capabilities. It is also relatively small: about 200 kilobytes .



The yabasic language uses two types of variables:

  • The numerical variables
  • The alphanumeric variables

Note the following:

  • The numeric variables can act as Boolean (or logical)
  • The alphanumeric variables can be used to represent images
  • The alphanumeric variable names always end with the ” $ ” character, while numeric variable names never contain this character


As a general rule, variables are not declared in yabasic but there are exceptions:

  • the tables
  • The local variables
  • The static variables

A global array is declared with dim or redim (these two keywords are synonymous).

Whether or not it is a table, a local variable is declared with local .

Whether or not it is an array, a static variable is declared with static .


Yabasic allows the creation of executables, but when this is done, the file is not compiled but combined with the interpreter. Therefore, the source code can not be hidden and can always be viewed using a suitable text editor (such as SciTE or Notepad ++ ).

Sample program

A ” Hello world ” program in YaBasic:

input "What is your name" name$
print "Hello " + name$


YaBasic was created by Marc-Oliver Ihm , who announced in August 2007 that version 2.763, released two years earlier, would probably be the latest version of the software. That said, this software being open source, a version 2.764 has been published since and a version 3 is under development.

The PlayStation 2 version

The version for PlayStation 2 is included for free with consoles sold in Europe, Asia and Oceania. The demo disc containing the YaBasic interpreter is a PAL disc and is not intended for the US and Japanese markets. Programs can be stored on memory cards and exchanged with friends.