Yacc (software)

Yacc is a tool for generating syntactic parsers in C language . Yacc is the acronym for Yet Another Compiler Compiler (” Yet Another Compiler Compiler “).
Yacc is particularly used in the construction of instruction sets in machine language for microprocessors.

From the point of view of the classification of languages , Yacc provides the code necessary for the analysis of type 2 languages ​​(non contextual) .

It is frequently used in association with Lex , a lexical analyzer generator.


Lex and Yacc have the following equivalents:

  • Flex and GNU Bison ;
  • Alex and Ayacc, targeting the Ada language ;
  • JFlex and Cup, targeting the Java language ;
  • Ocamllex and Ocamlyacc, targeting the OCaml language ;
  • GPLEX and GPPG, targeted at the C # language ;
  • Alex and Happy, targeting the Haskell language .